50 x 1g Strands - 16" Length - U Nail Tip - Indian Remy Hair Extensions

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AAAA Grade Indian Remy Double Drawn U tip hair extensions.

All our hair is virgin Indian ‘Temple’ hair having undergone light processing to bring to you a wide range of natural looking colours. This is the best quality available on the market today.

The hair is double drawn.

Full Cuticle and Cuticle correct.

The hair is virgin hair that has been lightly processed to the colour it is now.

50 16 inch U tip

Excellent quality

The term ‘Remy’ means that each strand of hair is laid in the same direction as the natural hair growth. If hair is non Remy then the individual hairs would be lying in opposite directions, resulting in matting, this is the same effect as backcombing! The cuticle layer is still intact; this helps to seal in moisture, protecting the hair from the elements and environmental damage. The absence of the cuticle layer dries hair out rapidly and makes it prone to breakage. As a result, hair will look dry, brittle and dull. Indian Hair is more suitable for extensions than Chinese Hair as the structure and density of Indian Hair is similar to our European Hair. Chinese Hair is thick and has to be thinned out in acid baths before the hair is covered in silicone coatings to make the hair appear shiny and healthy. However after a few washes this silicone layer washes off and reveals dry, brittle hair underneath. Indian hair does not have to go through this harsh processing which means lovely thick long last hair.

Double drawn means shorter hairs have been removed from the hair adding more thickness to the ends and avoiding the ‘straggly’ look most cheaper extensions have.

Colours may look different on monitors please order a colour ring for exact colour requirements.










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